In an unprotected less swear word version

My random lung CT unexpectedly found three masses in my lungs. I will be having a biopsy done on Friday morning.

As a side note, it also diagnosed emphysema.

THAT MEANS I FINALLY RAN A  MILE WITH SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY LUNGS! BAM! Hoping I get a chance to see what I can do when I can properly breathe.


In other news I went to see a Doctor of Naturopathy today. Spent two hours going over every detail of my life. She was overjoyed with list of supplements I take. I can’t wait for our next appointment to hear her recommendations on fine tuning it. Dosage changes, and form changes are definitely coming. She also said there are options for the lymphedema.


1 thought on “In an unprotected less swear word version

  1. Hey you. How are you doing this morning? How is your hubby doing?

    Well, emphysema? And there you are running with it. You do realize, you really are bad ass for doing all you do with it? Most people would have been at home whining and not running.

    I am glad the naturopath was such a positive experience. I’ll be interested in hearing what changes she wants to make.

    Be gentle with yourself today. No matter what it is, you are fighting a battle and your body and mind need extra TLC right now. Love and hugs!

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