Instant Cupcake Experiment!

I saw on the internet (it must be true then!) that you can take a box of cupcake mix and drop in a can of 7Up, mix it and make magical cupcakes. I don’t drink soda, diet or otherwise but it did make me wonder if I could do it with carbonated water. No added sugar or anything else detrimental to you.

So I tried it.

cupcake 1

I happen to have a whole bunch of my favorite carbonated water so I dropped a can into the box of funfetti cake mix and mixed the hell out of it! Scooped it into some cupcake liners and baked at 350 for about 25 minutes.



They look pretty good don’t they?

This is what they look like on the inside. They were way to moist. Sort of like the texture of undercooked angel food cake. But the flavor was excellent!

cupcake 3

Definitely get my cupcake fix taken care of with a little less guilt.

Next time, and there will be a next time, I am going to try using my spice cake mix and instead of cupcakes I’m going to try a cookie! I think that will take care of the too moist issue.

In other news – I am once again in awe of how really and truly remarkably wonderful my life is.


3 thoughts on “Instant Cupcake Experiment!

    1. Those cakes are so cute! That would be fun for a party, little individual mug cakes.
      For me, I just like to experiment. 🙂 I like having some healthier version of cake that I can keep in portion sizes in the freezer. If it’s good Corey will grab a piece when he has a craving, and so will I. Helps with those urges to eat a box of cookies. Or in my case bucket since that’s how I buy my cookies!

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