Is it Praying or Preying?

To add to the surreal ness of this month my husband is home. Since we haven’t taken a vacation in two years he accrued too many vacation days so took three weeks off. It is nice having him home and his weekend schedule extended to 7 days a week but it makes everything a little unusual.

He had a really bad cold and I think I have been fighting off the germs for the last two weeks. I am always tired and always phlegmy. Today I woke up with a sinus headache. Forgot to turn on my mini mister when I went to sleep.

Yesterday I went to what ended up being a very small Christmas gathering at the Cancer Connection offices. One of the new volunteers also does some sort of ministry. He recently lost his wife to cancer. So at some point in the evening we were talking about tattoos and I mentioned I received five new ones yesterday. A few minutes later he came up behind me and placed one hand on my head and one hand on my shoulder and prayed over me. I was startled but fine with it. I have always been open to anyone’s good intentions even if it is based on something I have no belief in. What do you think? Is it an imposition for someone to do that without my permission?

Life is chaos barely contained for me this days. I feel like if one thing goes out of whack we may descend into all out frenzy. Just keeping a firm hand on it for now.

I think I want to go to IKEA today, sorry Kates. We are going to buy a little convertible sofa or chair to make sure we have a guest room available upstairs and IKES has one of theirs on sale very inexpensively.



7 thoughts on “Is it Praying or Preying?

  1. That is a terrible imposition! I am sure he had the best of intentions, but he should respect other people enough to ask beforehand, especially with the touching (and especially these days). I would have been a bit dumbstruck. Or I might have jumped away, because that is weird. I am glad you were good with it, I’m sure I would have made it awkward.

    Keep fighting those germs! I need to remember to turn my diffuser in. I keep somehow managing to tip it over and spill it all on the carpet so the last few days I have up and my sinuses know it. Those things really make a difference.

    Good luck at IKEA. Is it close for you? Hope you find just what you want! My husband is off next week and I would like to go. I am always fascinated with their setups but it makes me want to rip everything out and IKEA it up. 😉

    1. We go to the one in Canton Michigan, a little over an hour away. I just love the textiles! I agree with you on the setups, I don’t even look at them anymore because it makes me want what I don’t have. 🙂

  2. Ya, being a person who has done the Praying part-I would never, not ever, just jump on someone and do it, unless they were asking, or if the situation was in a setting where I felt comfortable asking them. I wouldn’t do it without the other person being aware. I’m sure the intentions were good, but the delivery probably didn’t have the desired effect.
    I love my diffuser. I have slept without it for about a week, and noticed the difference. Put a nice blend in there last night and it made a world of difference. Was reading about making bath bombs too – I’m going to give it a whirl over Christmas break.

    1. It really didn’t bother me at all, I usually take things in the spirit they are intended, but I did think that with some people he could have had a much different reaction.

  3. I don’t know what I would have done with that guy but that was horribly intrusive. Touching someone like that is not okay.

    Well, did you get your furniture? I have mixed feelings about IKEA. I enjoy going through the store but by the end of it, I just want to get out of there. Just too much input for my brain and I get overloaded and tired.

    So are the tattoos, actually tattoos?

  4. We did not end up buying the futon. It was only available in black which corey did not want. The search continues. It was nicely uncrowded so th overload wasn’t too bad for me. Yes, the tattoos are permanent. I have three on my hips and now five on my chest. 🙁

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