Is Social Media the New Big Brother?

I had a thought as I was drying my hair this morning (I think heat excites your brain cells and that’s why you get all of your best ideas in the shower or under the blow dryer) on Facebook crowd shaming and the expectation of privacy.

In our world now one of the things that children need to be taught is that anything they do may now be recorded and shared publicly without their knowledge or consent. I’m not saying it’s right, but it is a new fact of life. If you are a teenager doing normal teenage stupid things there is a really good chance that one of our cell phone carrying acquaintances will have you recorded and uploaded before you even get home.

As a very calm and well behaved adult I still have the potential to do something stupid out in public and have my picture snapped, or a quick video instagrammed. Is this turning into our own version of Big Brother?

And how many times have you seen someone post a picture on their facebook of a behavior they didn’t like. A car parked badly or someone dressed inappropriately. I’m on a couple of pet lost & found groups and their favorite thing seems to be taking pictures of people & cars with dogs locked in them. This is crowdshaming. Attempting to change behavior by publicly ridiculing and hoping others will too. It’s always been done by marketing companies, and the media but now as a group we have the ability to do it as well.


What if someone starts taking pictures of yards they don’t like, you know, like mine and calling on all of the city to start harassing me.

Just a passing blow-dryer thought.



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