It is Thursday! $#@#

Good Morning!

Shocked to find out it is Thursday I feel like someone stole a couple of days this week.

On Mondays I weigh myself. This Monday I was shocked to see another weight loss. I try not to talk about weight too much because I do not exercise to lose weight, I exercise to get muscle and to be fit and healthy. My scale keeps track of my historic numbers and on Monday I realized that in the last 90 days I have lost 10% of my body weight. I thought it was pretty cool.

On Wednesday I went to two different doctors, my oncologist office to change some daily meds around, and my beautiful orthopedist who only spent a few minutes with me this time. 🙁 He came in, asked a few questions, moved my legs around, poked me in the hips till I yelped and then said the two words I didn’t want to hear, Physical Therapy. One of my hips still feels good but the other one is back to being sore. He warned me that might happen, and he won’t give me another steroid shot for three months. I don’t mind PT in theory, just in practce. It seems so assembly line. One of my other issues is that my glute muscles – yes, my ass – and my groin muscles, are spasming whenever I put stress on them now. I really really want them to fix that. It’s causing restriction of movement. I will try to keep an open mind.

Today – hmmmm, I must get out of bed and feed tht dog. I think I will also run to Meijers, and then I have a date with my niece to workout at 7. Not too busy!

I am really counting down the days till my pulmonologists appointment. My energy level is so low. I fight every day to keep moving after being up a few hours. Makes me  Angry. You wouldn’t like me when I am angry. I would like some answers. I hope I get some.

The skin on my face is getting quite saggy. I do not like this. You cannot exercise to fix this!

Alllright – Up Up and Away!



5 thoughts on “It is Thursday! $#@#

  1. I feel like I can’t address this issue with you because I obviously have my own eating problems but I am worried about you. I worry that you eat so few calories and work out so hard that you are losing muscle. I understand that you have a myriad of very serious health issues which can be causing fatigue but from what you are posting about your eating, it does not seem like you are eating enough. Do you think you are giving yourself enough fuel to get through the day?

    1. I agree with you! I had a bad couple of weeks after an unfortunate episode of high dose anti-Inflammatories so I was having trouble getting enough healthy food in me. I am trying to keep it between 1200 & 1500 which should be right where I need to be.
      If I could find a way to add nutrients and remove the garbage from donuts I could hit it!
      Thank you worrying about me. 🙂

  2. Thank you for taking it in the spirit that it was meant. Sometimes I worry that my typed words aren’t coming across right.

    I hear you about the donuts and cake and pie!

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