it was a tough choice..

When I got home from yoga I had to decide….treadmill to get in the 2500 steps I’m short for the day or eat dinner followed by a round of cookies.  Dinner & Cookies it was! Yoga, no matter how physically challenging it has the potential to be, is about four steps an hour.

I bought a new tea today.


Very tasty. Sometimes spice tea is way too strong but this was very mellow, as was the cocoa. The smell was lovely. It’s a nice work tea.

This morning I cleaned my necklace. I’ve been basically wearing the same necklace for two years. It’s sterling silver so generally the more you wear it the shinier it gets. Sometimes there are a few spots that get black because they never touch my skin so I did the salt/foil/boil trick. Have you tried it? Works great!

I am a font of fun, right?





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