it’s all about the meds, bout the meds, bout the substance.

TODAY IS AN ODD DAY IN THE CHEMO CYCle. Oh, í dont know whatbjust haopened there but I will leave it for technical reasons. So, as I was saying. Today is a strange day. My mind is mostly clear and wants to go play.  I am ready to hop on the treadmill and run and then go out for lunch with so!some maybe even go into work and make a difference. However my body has not caught up uey. Even typing to fast causes my heato race and my fingers to burn. At least I spend more time on the upswing than I do on the downward spiral!

I was so hesitant to go on daily meds for emphysema bit within minutes it helps. I was even more hesitant to go on the daily meds for the neuropathy but I am so glad I did. My fingers still feel bad and I am trying to learn how to type more and faster on my tablet because I keyboard is quickly becoming q torture device, but when I wake up and the medicine has worn off I see what a difference it makes. Right now eight of ten fingers are nu b and only one hurts. Why that one. I have no idea!


Alright, I have a ten o’clock appointment then off to work so it’s time to get and go….slowly.

Take Carr of yourself today.


I just read this on my desktop computer and can see all the typo’s! 🙂 I will not fix them. This is the problem with typing on the tablet. My eyes are just not up to it.


Oh wait! Let’s find a picture on the tablet for you.




3 thoughts on “it’s all about the meds, bout the meds, bout the substance.

  1. I have the same problem with my Kindle keyboard. Sometimes, one of the keys refuses to work so I end up with some very strangely spelled words in my text!! At least I managed to turn off auto-correct, because the machine just couldn’t read my mind well enough!

  2. I am so glad you are seeing a difference with the neuropathy medicine. That is really good news.

    I hope you have a nice lunch and then a good time at work. Enjoy this day.

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