It’s Been Awhile

Since I have blogged from bed! My life has just been running on autopilot the last couple of months. Too many little things going on that just take up time!

I finished up my courses from the university in the Netherlands. It was much harder than it should have been. So, I have completed 5 certifications. Four in nutrition and one in mindfulness. At some point they should just give me a degree don’t you think? My husband keeps telling me to go to the university and just do it, but I won’t. Way way way too much money.

Today we clean off the screen shots. Ready?

When I am reading a book I frequently take screenshots of text I want to share. I use to be able to highlight and post to facebook (and I really miss that) but now I just do screenshots and then forget about them!

This one made me laugh and say out loud “that’s right!” I learned this lesson about a decade ago and it stuck hard. I am not responsible for ANYONE else’s actions and I will not apologize for them. They are who they are and I probably love them or at least like them or I wouldn’t be in the position to see their actions!

And heaven help you if you apologize for something I do where I can hear you.

I got this email the other day and saw the preview as I was walking out the door and had to wait until I got to work to figure out what I was!  I ran over the possible things people might call me after a 60 minute phone call and I was a little nervous! 

This one I just like because honestly it’s like my creed,my mottto, my mantra. It’s how I get through everything bad or worrisome.

And lastly a big old HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend in Chicago! I miss you. I am sorry I am such a terrible long distance friend!


1 thought on “It’s Been Awhile

  1. Thank you dear friend! I miss you, too! I am so very glad that met oh so long ago. I am grateful that you’ve been there during the up and the down times. This world is a much better place because you are here!!!!

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