It’s Monday

The last few treatments I have had with kadcyla I have then had these weird muscle pains. Just random stabbing pains at random spots in my body. Today’s is the back of my left arm just above the elbow, the outside of left food and the outside of my heel on the left foot. Every few seconds, or minutes for ten minutes or ten hours I will suddenly get a sharp shooting pain. myalgia.

Finally looked it up and it is a known side effect of this drug. Shit. I am going to try edible CBD for it. Just waiting on the delivery.


Getting ready to go to my pulmonologist today to see if he has any good advice for my scar tissue.

Tomorrow will be an adventure with my daughter to . Even though it is not far we are making it an overnight in case we can’t do what we want the first day and also because it’s good for us.




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