It’s not enough to care about people……

… have to show them you care. You can be the nicest kindest most caring person on the planet  – in your head – but if you never take action the people you care about will never know.

Even if it’s the simplest thing.

I have been known to put little notes on my calendar that say things like “remember to ask how the exam went”. Life is so busy and so complicated that it’s easy to forget, but it’s also so easy to remind people that you are thinking about them. Especially in this world of social media.

That is my advice for you today.


Just Do it!
Just Do it!

5 thoughts on “It’s not enough to care about people……

  1. Good advice. Since we are all getting older, I try to tell people that I appreciate them. You might not get the chance to do so again.
    I appreciate you!

  2. FRANKIE! Always so cute!

    I think this is a huge problem for me. I have an issue with follow through.

    I hope this is a good weekend for you! I hope you feel good and all the errand running agrees with you.

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