It’s Wednesday this time!

How do people live without music? Music makes my brain relax, my heart-rate slow or speed up and  completely changes my mood. I can make myself happy, or bouncy or melancholy just by changing the music.

They make music for working out that matches a certain heart-rate because your body will adapt to the music and try to synchronize with the beat. Lovely.

I had to buy another dog bed so the dog would be allowed to lay in her bed. Of course everyone wants the “new” bed. I think it’s first come first serve.


My lung (yes singular) hurts quite bad again today. I don’t know what’s going on but I don’t like it at all. Feels like something is moving and catching on things in there.  I figure I probably can’t really hurt it anymore than it’s been hurt so I’m not going to worry about it, just bitch about it. I still have a couple more weeks before I go back to the doctor. It is an extra long reprieve because he is out of town for “boards”. I’m not really sure what that means. I assume he doesn’t have to pass his and he is really already a doctor.

The waiting is weird. I am enjoying having a semi normal life but I dislike the anticipation of what will be next and the uncomfortable thought that I am doing nothing to slow the growth of those pesky tumors.

I think today will be cake making day if I have time. I need to go buy eggs, I have a dentist appointment, and it’s Wednesday (I am positive this time) so I would like to try and make it out to the cancer support group. I just want to see what it’s all about and see if it’s something that would benefit me.

I finished my latest book yesterday. Kindred by Octavia E. Butler. I read it because she is a science fiction writer, but this is not really a sci-fi book. Good book though.



2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday this time!

  1. Yeah, I would think the waiting would be weird. We had bigger dog beds, but I discovered that one particular cat liked to pee on them. Ew. We have one big bed left, and it has become a cat bed. No dogs allowed. The dog bed is MY bed….. sigh. But Baylee has her little bed for W’s truck and one that’s in between our pillows (sad, I realize), and a cocoon she only uses when it’s really cold. Big T is the only one who has hosied her little bed in our bed, but he’s quick to leave when she appears. She is in love with him. He spurns her advances. Poor baby. I hope so much that you feel so much better soooon!!!

    1. right this second I am pretending I don’t see my cat on the table eating the dregs of my yogurt so I would make no judgement about dogs in between pillows on your bed!

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