The feeling of happiness and well-being that starts right around your solar plexus and then begins to radiate out. It makes your chest fill and your lungs feel twice as big.  Your smile is natural and unable to be contained, your brain feels lighter and your head weighs nothing on top of your neck.

I think I am lucky because something happened a few years ago that somehow let me open a place inside of me that is overflowing with joy and has never been sealed back up. Now it takes just the smallest thing to pull those feelings forward again. Sometimes I feel like if I am not careful I will go to take a step forward and instead of hitting the ground my feet will just hike up an invisible staircase and I’ll be dancing around above your heads. I get sad, I get scared, I get lonely, but usually it lasts only a tiny little while before someone or something makes me lighten back up.

I hope, no matter what happens in my life, that I never lose that ability, and that the people who care about me understand that my joy does not diminish my caring or concern for them.

And just in case you don’t have a joy reserve I will share my cat with you. It’s not quite the same thing but it should make you smile!

Frankie Face



1 thought on “Joy

  1. I am glad you found it. It is such a gift to yourself.

    I love pictures of Frankie and so does Craig. He asked me if you do a tree and I said I didn’t think you were going to. We were both thinking it would be hard with Frankie.

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