Just a bit o’the ugly

Have you ever seen this test?
It’s to guage your empathy based only on looking at someones eyes.

I’m pretty average.
“Your score on this test was 30 out of 36.”
The average result for adult population is 26 out of 36.


ScreenHunter_145 Mar. 18 14.41
 stopped taking my melatonin last week and my fitbit and I think perhaps I should start taking it again!




My Sister and I, 1975



I am feeling mean and icky this week. My foray into fabulous japanese food on Saturday has left me with my normal GI issues. uhg. Yesterday I had to buy ugly expensive shoes, and I had to spend $70.00 !!! dollars on three pairs of socks. Yes, $70.00 for ugly socks to keep my legs from swelling up like balloons and eventually killing me. I’m packing in my head for our vacation. Two weeks is hard to pack for. Since we’re not staying in the same place the whole two weeks I don’t want to pack too much because there will be a lot of transporting. Two weeks worth of clothes & ugly shoes, and ugly socks is a lot of stuff.

I’m just aggravated and whiney about it. I hate that I can’t wear cute skirts, and shorts and cute shoes and that I spend all of the time and effort trying to be healthy and in shape and that eating a healthy meal of tasty food makes me sick for a couple of weeks. AND – I tweaked my med dosage again to try and get some of my energy back so now I’m back to the hearing in my right ear just randomly going completely out! Yesterday the battery in my hearing aide went out and I forgot and I walked around for hours pissed off that I couldn’t hear and waiting for my hearing to come back. At least that one I got to laugh about.It’s probably alzheimers affecting my memory. Then I’ll forget about these occasional weeks of self pity and aggravation that I drop into.

When my sad little radiated intestines are particularly bad my hands go icy for a long time. I don’t know why. Actually, my whole body temperature goes wacky. I know that my intestines literally become inflamed so maybe it’s a weird reaction to that. Whenever I feel like this I go back to the days of chemo when afterwards I would become so very cold and have to be wrapped in our lovely heating blanket. I would like my heating blanket today. Hopefully by the time I finish this I will have gotten all this out of my system and be cheerful again.

I have many things scheduled in the next few months. Tonight is The Ten Tenors concert at the Historic Valentine Theatre. I have my standing workouts on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. I have theoretical yoga on Wednesday. It’s only theoretical in that I keep missing it due to weather, illness and random issues. I have a painting class next thursday now. I have a maybe Zen Buddhist meditation class. I have vacation coming up. I have a jumping out of a plane schedule for June. Just things on my schedule. Sometimes I enjoy being busy, but then sometimes I stop and wonder where all of the months have gone.


Things that Creep me out!

  1. Toenails and fingernails, or any fragment of that are not attached to anything. This is why I cannot cut the dogs toenails.
  2. Mens beard shavings
  3. Facial hair on men who don’t seem very clean
  4. Any thing dead that use to be a live moving thing. Like dead bugs, dead animals, dead people. I would rather touch a live spider than a dead one.
  5. gristle (luckily no longer an issue for me)
  6. Sitting down on a toilet seat in a public restroom and finding it warm
  7. Unexpected things coming out of skin. In real life or in pictures.

Hmmm, that’s all I can think of right now, but I know I have a bunch of them! Things that you don’t know why when you look at them they make you feel all oooogy, but they do. I wonder about the similarities in 1,2,3 & 7. Traumatic childhood event maybe?


I really want to try Vaping! It’s all the fault of Nina! No nicotine of course, just the flavors.


Let’s end with a picture shall we?





42 thoughts on “Just a bit o’the ugly

  1. I am sorry that your lovely dinner made you sick. That just stinks.

    Why the shoes? Do you have to wear those shoes all the time? I know you have to wear the socks but what if you bought cute leggings and wear them over the socks and wear either a longish shirt or a shirt and a short skirt over the leggings?

    I hope you have warmed up. I feel really bad, really bad for you. I know how I feel about all my little weird crap so I can’t imagine how irritated you must be.

    Your schedule is really busy.

    The train that Craig took to work had two levels. He said the grossest thing was people who sat on the top level and clipped their nails. EWWWW!

    You and your sis – total cuties!

    I had not seen that test. That was really interesting. I was unsure about some of the women. I had a 31.

    I hope you had a good time at the concert!

    1. A 31 is pretty high. I read a couple of things about the test and just thought it was interesting. I wonder if people who are considered low empathy are also people who don’t look at other people when speaking. They would never get used to those verbal cues.
      Shoes!#@$@%#$ are a problem because of the bone spurs, I really like adorable little fun shoes and I miss wearing them. I have to wear good quality supportive shoes.
      I just can’t find a look that works for me. I don’t like the way I look in long skirts. I’m just not tall enough!

      Thanks for the sympathy on the food. These days it takes me a day or two of feeling sorry for myself before I remember that I’m also alive,and it probably won’t last forever (I hope at least). And really everything is so much better than it was a year ago.
      If I were Craig I would be gagging on the train!

      I was just amazed at the concert. It was so much more than I expected. I am very happy we went!

  2. I wish the test would have said which ones I had wrong. I really thought that I was going to end up with a score of 14. I have a hard time looking at people in the eyes. I have to conscious of it and really try hard. I guess it isn’t looking at them that is so difficult but I don’t want them to look in my eyes. I may be afraid of what they might see.

    Oh, that is right, the bone spurs. Life is just not fair. That sucks.

    A lot of people get really, really miffed on the train when someone does that. I think only train newbies do that. They publish a hilarious monthly newsletter. People will write scathing letters. Craig very rarely takes the train anymore. He just hates it.

    I am glad the concert was so good. A really good night like that helps balance out the sucky things.

  3. この1つは個人的にずっとこの話題に関連して明らかにインスピレーションです。私はあなたのデータは私の感情を延長だけでなく、イムは、適切な今、あなたはおそらく、おそらく作成し、すべての来てブログの記事に更新滞在するあなたのフィードを取るつもり告白する必要があります。あなたは完璧に仕事への感謝の価値があるかもしれません!

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