Just a check in for future historians :)

I slept poorly last night and had a variation of an old recurring dream. I use to dream about having a fish tank in various settings and circumstances. I would see the fish tank and realize I had neglected it and there would be giant monstrous fish living in it. Sometimes kittens too. I know that last part doesn’ sound scary but it is.

I have a sore muscle in my shoulder from rescreening a door. My hands hurt too. How can something that seems so simple cause me so much pain. I am just terrible and doing screens. I have done so many in my lifetime and they all turned out terrible. I upgraded our screen to see if it will keep Frank in. I think it will be much more difficult to tear but if Dusty pushes too hard it will of course still pull on out. I do not want to keep the door closed in this nice weather.

One more body complaint; The neuropathy in my feet has gotten prettty bad. I think. I guess I do not know what the scale is for bad foot neuropathy.  I think I might be lucky because my biggest problem is the numbness not the pain. The numb patches are more than fifty percent of the bottoms of my feet now. So bizarre.

Now for the good news! Off of antibiotics for a bit now and I feel so much better!! I am going to have to lock myself out of the kitchen because I am eating everything in sight! What a difference. I had chemo on Friday and went back to my after chemo side effects from a year ago which are completely different and so much better.

I have comepletely given up running and replaced it with just being scared my lungs are closing back up. I have to find something else to do that is cardio so that I can keep that scar tissue soft and open in my lungs. I will problably just keep saying that until it becomes a big problem. I hate cardio exercise. I think I will have to blow up the tires on my bike and put it on the stand and see what I can do.

I have a busy week of doctors – Monday – Wednesday – Friday and then two different support group speakers, Monday Night and Tuesday Night that I would like to attend. The weather is supposed to be wonderful this week so I am going to do my best to enjoy it.



2 thoughts on “Just a check in for future historians :)

  1. Dreams are weird; the most innocuous things (ordinarily) can just be filled with the most dreadful emanations, and bizarre things can seem quite ordinary. I can never figure out what they “really” mean, if anything.

    I hope you do get to enjoy this great weather we are having! I will be admiring it from inside, since this is a busy work week. All the harder since my husband is on vacation.

    Hmm…cardio…you don’t want to actually ride the bike somewhere? I used to ride everywhere, but these days I guess I would be pickier, and I wouldn’t go by myself. But there are some fun bike trails.

    1. No, for exercise I want to stay inside. I want to be a to hop on without thought, work until I am sweaty and then hop in the shower without worrying about cars, or what I need to take with me.

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