Just a day in the life

Lying in bed trying to wake up. Some days are slower than others.

I have chemo on Tuesdays now so this is day #2 after chemo. This is the time when I have to remind myself that I am not sad, I am just chemically altered. The body / mind connection is so strange. I always feel ..hmm..long pause while I try to think of the words. Low? Deflated? Small? None of those are quite right. But, it is my body feeling that way which makes my brain think I must be sad. I am not.

My hair is growing like crazy! I have all this new hair on my head that is about an inch long. Since my hair is so fine and wavy all the one inch hairs are sticking up all over the place. I am sure it is not noticeable to others but It makes me laugh when I look in the mirror.

I am doing a presentation in October at the Cancer Support Center on Cancer and Nutrition. I can already feel my chest tightening up at the prospect. I wish I did not have this overwhelming stage fright. I wish their was a better way to say that then ”stage fright”.

I am in search of a new puppy. On Tuesday after I had spent some time at the Humane Society and came home without a puppy I was leaving the condo for a dinner and suddenly my car was surrounded by puppies! It was not a weird chemo side effect mirage it was a woman in the neighborhood walking her adorable tiny fluffy dogs and their adorable fluffy puppies. Apparently I have a backyard breeder close by! They were too small for my house but I did enjoy ten minutes of puppy time.

Time to get up. Gotta run – up to two miles these days :), then I have my monthly womens networking luncheon, then picking up my husband who is flying in from California. Maybe a stop at the Humane Society after lunch if my sister has time.

Frank is almost too long for me to capture a picture when we are both in bed.

And a random picture of Katy and I that popped up recently


5 thoughts on “Just a day in the life

  1. I can’t imagine the depressing effect of the chemo drugs; how clever of you to make that discernment. I notice that I can’t take a lot of things like allergy meds and even painkillers without a similar (although much, much paler, I’m sure) effect, and I’m embarrassed how long it took me to put it together!

    You have so much going on!!! Hoping it will all divert you and muffle the stupid after-effects!

    The dog you posted yesterday was SO CUTE! He reminded me a LOT of Izzie, our grand dog, and she is the sweetest dog U have ever known. Even if she doesn’t love me best, lol. It’s so funny, though, she makes sure that everybody is given their own special time to love on her, so nobody can feel left out. She loves Amanda best, then Nathan with my husband a close second, and then me. But she still loves us all, and is deliriously happy when everyone is together. Are you looking for a smaller dog that is easier to cuddle? (Sorry, Dusty!) will the other pets be jealous?

    I can’t imagine giving a presentation. I was a couple of years into the teaching courses in college before I actually had to do anything remotely like teaching, when I discovered that it wasn’t mere shyness that I thought might resolve itself over time that plagued me when I tried to speak in public. I actually began to break out in giant hives that kind of swam all over me…getting progressively worse with time, not better, and that was kind of a deal-breaker. I do think I could handle it better now, with 40 more years of life experience behind me, lol. I am sure you will be GREAT!

    Hope you end up having fun today, despite the meds!

    1. I want a dog young enough and small enough that hopefully Dusty will feel maternal or at least Big sisterly towards it and build her confidence. As time goes on she is becoming more and more nervous instead of gaining her adulthood confidence.
      And a small dog will be easier to handle with two of them! Dusty is all the cuddling anyone could ask for. She is sweet and gentle and loves to be touching someone. That little dog , Marcel was so so pathetic. 🙁

      I am a hive breaker outer too!

  2. So I am pretty sure you wouldn’t do it but there is a pill that shrinks give to people for stage fright. You take it before your presentation and you are good to go.

    I am so impressed by you. I know that presentation will be challenging but you will help so many people. You have taken this awful life circumstance and used it to help so many people. You are really amazing.

    I am sorry that the chemo makes you feel that way but I am thankful that there is a chemo that keeps you here on this planet.

    You are an absolute gem and I am thankful that you are my friend.

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