Just a dream

Started out in my old neighborhood. Don’t remember much, something about the dog and driving. Talking to business owners, no one sold anything on Monday. They taking charge in a business, needed a typewriter. They only had a weird portable one in a bag.

Transition to a building with a giant pool area. Rick Morrin jumped in the pool and I could see him through the glass  from the underground area, like maintenance tunnels. He didn’t have enough air and was drowning. I was running, looking for the emergency button. Found it, someone saved him. Went to check on him and the person who saved him said it was my fault. She was yelling at me.


6 thoughts on “Just a dream

  1. It is weird how real and discombobulating dreams can be. An odd one can really affect how you feel for the day.

    Sometimes I try to take the dreams apart and figure out why I was thinking about certain things. I can usually connect different aspects of the dream to something that happened the day before. Other times, it is just a bunch of weird stuff.

    1. I read once that how you’re supposed to decipher your dreams is to pretend you’re talking to someone from another planet, that doesn’t know anything about Earth. So you don’t just say Rick Morrin was drowning. You have to explain who he is and what exactly drowning is…etc etc. It’s supposed to lead you to what it means. I agree though that sometimes it’s just a bunch of weird stuff.

      1. I didn’t really expect anyone to notice I had posted this or I would have explained. 🙂 Rick is an old friend that I occasionally pass on Facebook.

        1. What’s funny about this is I was picturing Rick Moranis. I actually didn’t remember that is his actual name, not the name you posted. 😀

          1. That could not be a more off comparison. Rick is a big bear of a guy. Hmmm, now that I think of it looks sorta like a certain Husband of someone in NY…..Very Nice man, very quiet.

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