Just a little bit..

of bitching before I sign off on this shitty day. I dunno what happened but it all started well and then this evening I just fell apart. I was suddenly so sick. Cold sweat and dizzy kind of sick. My insides turned to hot burning lava and it was a very unpleasant few hours. AND the arm wheere I got my flu shot is sore but nothing like the arm that got the pneumonia shot! She must have hit me just perfectly. I can not even carry a glass without it hurting or lift my arm above elbow level. If my husband had been home I would have had him help me take off my bra! Like someone sledge hammered me in the shoulder.

I am hoping for an excellent sleep and a much better day tomorrow!



Dusty tied me all up with her leash today and then gave me sad eyes like it was my fault!







3 thoughts on “Just a little bit..

  1. That puppy! So cute. I really hope you get that rest and that everything feels better today.


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