Just a little googling

I haven’t really started blogging on Cancer foods and nutrition yet because frankly my brain cannot hold all of the info I am putting in it right now.

So I thought I would do a quick post to remind myself that this is still here.

So tonight I bring you google fun. If you want to know what to eat, just pick your disease and google the images for what you should eat. Even they know.

You can tell yourself you are doing everything you can but the information is out there.


Depression  is on the page because I noticed it showed in the drop down when I was googling.



How about a little diabetes prevention?



The number one killer of Americans right here folks.*


Cancer gets two pictures because you know…..I got that one.




*Top three killers of Americans – Heart Disease, Diabetes & Cancer.  This is not true for all countries. All three diseases are considered largely preventable by diet. Did you know Cancer is now considered a dietary issue? I didn’t until I started researching.



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