Just a little of this and that.

Worked at my actual desk today! Woo to getting caught up!

Went to work out tonight. Didn’t exactly work out but I did do some gentle weights. When I walked from the car into my workout my heart-rate went from 84 to 128. My resting heart rate is normally 68. When I jog my heart rate is usually around 115. So 128 is a bit much. The oncologist appointment today suggested I see my family doctor because my blood pressure is also going quite wacky. So that’s tomorrow. Hopefully she’ll have a solution. I bet I will feel better when it’s all stabilized. I hope it’s something simple to fix. I take medicine to keep my blood pressure low and steady but the chemo apparently makes it tank – hence the fainting on Saturday morning. I dunno what’s up with the heart-rate.

In general I have felt better every day since Sunday. So, yay!

Tomorrow is my doctor, and then an evening CT scan. Yay for barium for lunch.

I am really starting to obsess about my hair now. Not that it’s going to fall out. That’s a given. I’m not happy about it, but not particularly upset, because honestly, it’s just hair. Once I get used to the strange looks I may like the convenience. What I am obsessing about is the timing of it. I would hate for my hair to start falling out in clumps while I am at work. Or at the doctors. I want it to happen when I am at home and can have whatever reaction I have. Then my  husband can get the clippers and cut it very short and we’ll be done with the long hairs falling out. Control of  the situation.

I’ve been told twice in the last two days that the first round of three chemo’s is usually worse than the following. That seems promising! Though the doctor today did tell me that the fatigue would just keep getting worse. For me the key will be to not stop moving. As long as I am not physically sick I can go work out and do as little or as much as I can. They are all incredibly supportive. You’ll love this Mary Beth – I actually feel guilty for the amount of support I get.


My husband and daughter at the Marblehead Ohio Lighthouse a couple of weeks ago.
My husband and daughter at the Marblehead Ohio Lighthouse a couple of weeks ago.

5 thoughts on “Just a little of this and that.

  1. Thanks for putting your emotions out there..those that care about you are concerned about how u are feeling as well as HOW you are feeling…..

    1. It is funny you say this Nina because this blog was going to be about blogging about emotions but it turned into something else. I think I will try to write that today. But not now because mornings are hard, physically and I had dreams that made me cranky 🙁

    1. I do not have any more recurring dreams. Which is nice. I use to have many, and they were unpleasant.
      Last night I dreamed about all sorts of situations that had to do with people stopping me from doing what I wanted. I normally dream in very involved story lines, like watching a movie. Last nights had roller coasters and some sort of magical being – which may have actually been me.

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