Just a monday missive

“I think it automotive service department. I was calling in regards to last the Democrats to makesure I think on what the keys Texas may receive an email to write your visit and if you look to try toforested appreciate it. I don’t know if you want to thank you for being a look at the customer and we greatly appreciate it. Have a.”

Ah Google Voice I’ve missed your fun translations. It’s funny, when you read something nonsensical in a place where you don’t expect it you reread it a couple of times as if you think it must be you, not them.

I am starting to make a mental list of things to take on vacation. It’s different if it’s an overseas country rather than a quick trip to Chicago. I have to rethink things that I won’t be able to easily replace if I forget it, and I have to pack for space saving which I don’t normally. 14 days is a lot of clothes.

I am on a long conference call – and I am half listening, since it only really peripherally concerns me. I almost chimed in with a very inappropriate statement! That’s why I keep my phone on mute when I’m not speaking, in case I  start talking to myself, outloud.

If eyedrops are poisonous (AND THEY ARE) and I put in eyedrops and five minutes later, I taste the eyedrops;

1.) am I deformed inside somewhere?

2.) am I slowly poisoning myself?



Not much worth reporting yet.

After I wrote this I went and did a little research. This is the answer to number 1.

I was searching for Gourmet Lollipops on Amazon and the search categories on the left startled me.

ScreenHunter_148 Mar. 24 12.42



5 thoughts on “Just a monday missive

  1. I read that first sentence a couple of times before I realized that it was nonsense and you probably had a Google Voice message. Do those messages ever make sense?

    Is there any water left in the right mug?

    Packing for 14 days does seem like a daunting task. I would suppose the most important thing is your medicine and stockings. Does our friend Google have any advice?

    Packaged meat substitutes! That is a little bizarre.

    Have a good day!

    1. They do occasionally make sense, or at least enough that I can figure out what it is without having to actually listen to the message. Medicine and stockings is about right! Those are my priorities. Though, clothes are so much more expensive in Europe that I really don’t want to have to buy anything I might forget.

  2. Can you use space bags? I used them when I went to Montana to pack more clothes in a smaller bag, but I has use of a vacuum cleaner on the other end. Will you be able to use a vac from the hotel or somewhere in France?
    What are Packaged Meat Substitue lollipops I wonder?

    1. That is exactly what I’m going to try! I have the roll up type of space bags. Small & Medium, hopefully that will also help keep things a little more organized thrown in a giant rolling duffle!
      Always nice to see you poke your head in here Debby!

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