Just a Monday morning fly-by

I have very little new and exciting to report! Yay. ๐Ÿ™‚

I got sidelined by a nasty case of food poisoning this weekend. So very sick! Wasted a whole Sunday sleeping. It hurts when I move now because all of my ab muscles are so very sore! I had more steps on my FitBit by 6:00 am this morning than I did for ALL of Sunday!

My husband is in Chile and I feel bad because he kept trying to talk to me but I was just too darn sick! My son took over the keeping of the animals and the running of the house.

Here is my plan for the week.

Monday. Yoga tonight at 6:00 – Need to check and make sure there is a space for me.

Tuesday.A light workout with my Fit Camp peoples

Wednesday. Dinner with my sister ? Thai?

Thursday. Another light workout with my Fit Camp Peoples

Friday. Laundry and reading

Saturday. Trader Joes Run

Sunday. Husband home.

A nice quiet ย boring self serving week. Just what I need.

Today I ordered another pair of earrings. I don’t think I will keep ordering a pair a week while hairless maybe every two weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚




I sure do like my kitten. This weekend he had his second vet appointment. He gained 1.1 pounds in 4 weeks going from 3 pounds to 4.1. I have no idea what this means for his overall size but I can tell you that he looks very healthy! His coat is very thick and soft now.


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