Just a quick catch up to document life

Camp Life at Camp-Mak-A-Dream in Montana

I haven’t blogged about camp because I talked about it so much on Facebook and Instagram that it seems redundant. But, for posterity’s sake, here it is.

What an amazing experience. I hope I am able to do it again next year. I met so many people and did so many things that I would never ever do in my day to day life.

It was scary to go, it was scary to insert myself into groups of people, some of whom already knew each other, it was scary to just let go. I was my real person here, and I think I was accepted for it.

That’s really about the most perfect thing an experience can do for you.

I had my first official CT scan since SBRT and the new chemo drug – Kadcyla. More scarring, as expected but “No focal mass to suggest recurrent tumor” was a really nice sentence to see.

It amused me that as my doctor was reading the report to me I could tell that it was not written by the normal radiation Dr. The wording was completely different and different things were noted. I know too many doctors and their styles.


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  1. I enjoyed your camp experience, too! I loved seeing the pictures. I am so glad it was a wonderful, positive experience!

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