Just a quick post for my memoirs – nothing new here.

I understand the reviews for the infectious disease doctor. He is very quiet, very serious, and  very thoughtful. Not like, oh I remember your birthday but he is a thinker. We had a good talk and he understands my perspective, I understand his as well, I just do not like it. He just does not have enough information to treat me yet. Got the unofficial word yesterday that he did consult with the lab and my culture is still growing, – just slowly…very slowly. I just need to wait. Hopefully it will soon get big enough to identify.

Having him tell me that he suspects my lungs are permanently damaged by scar tissue was like someone punching me. I was devastated. But that was then and this is now.  Lungs are alive and there are people who have 3/4’s of their lung removed and go on to be marathoners. I can certainly train my lungs to function enough for me to run a mile, or do an hours worth of circuit training without seeing black dots! Just need to clear up the infection first and be patient.

Over the last ten years or so once or twice a year I develop terrible stomach and intestinal problems. My stomach feels like someone is punching from the inside out. Usually lasts about five days. I suspect gallbladder or pancreatitis. This is that week. And then I had chemo. And they also gave me a shot that effects a hormone that works on your digestive system. I do not even know what I am sick with today. 🙁 Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

I also noticed that today the bursitus in my hips is really really bad. I wonder if it is the chemo or the shot?

My daughter was kind enough to brandish a pair of pliers and remove my earrings that were put in a couple of months ago so I can finally start wearing other earrings in new holes. My daughter is very cool.

Beautiful sunny day and since I am forced to take it slow I can just enjoy it.



2 thoughts on “Just a quick post for my memoirs – nothing new here.

  1. I wish I was there to give you a big giant gentle hug.

    You amaze me. I am not sure if you are the energizer bunny or one of those bouncy clowns that kids would hit and the clown just kept popping back up. I do believe you are the toughest person I have ever known. Now we just have to stop life from being such a bitch to you.

    Well, it is interesting to hear your thoughts on that doc. (When I first typed doc it came out dic. Freudian slip perhaps?) I really wish they knew what that is in your lungs.

    Crossing my fingers that whatever is making you so sick right now, is gone quickly.

    Hey, I want to give you a heads up. We have noticed an unusually high number of ticks this year. If you don’t treat your animals you might want to keep an eye out. I read that the mild winter has something to do with it.

    Glad to know that your daughter takes care of you! Yay K!

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