Just a quick scream

I am still cranky. I am frustrated by too many things. My lack of energy, my lack of health, my lack of finalization on condo purchasing. I wasn’t able to put a finger on exactly what was going on until this morning when I spent 30 minutes taking care of insurance and some more Huntington questions and I felt happier. That’s when it hit me that I was feeling extra frustrated with the fact that I was waiting for people to do things that I had nothing to do with. There is so much happening that I am not in the loop on and I have to just sit and wait for other people to tell me what I need to do. NOT my preferred way of doing things. I use to joke about it at work, but it’s true. I do not play well with others. Either put me in charge, or put me alone. I will consider this all a lesson in patience.

I do find a small fact I discovered this morning a little unnerving. I keep a checking account and a savings account. The majority of our money is in a savings account. Well, that’s not true. The majority of our money is in a 401K.  I use the checking account for operating expenses and the savings  account for saving. I never let the checking account get to big or too small. This morning I found out that Huntington Mortgage was unaware of the money in our savings accounts. This means they were going to give us a loan based on only seeing the small amount I keep in checking! Uncool. That is not a good sign for the housing market. There wasn’t even enough in there to cover closing costs. tsk, tsk.

Also – this morning I ate oatmeal. I buy the whole oat organic oatmeal. I don’t really like it, but you know, health. I am still struggling with digesting food and since I just had chemo on Wednesday I need to be careful. So on a whim I threw my uncooked oats into my ninja and pulsed a few times then cooked it. So much better!! Not chewy and cooked so fast. A coffee grinder would have worked too. Now to see if it makes me sick, or no.

I am reading Game of Thrones – the first book. Quite enjoying it!

That is all.





2 thoughts on “Just a quick scream

  1. I totally get it. I’m the same way. I hate having to depend on other people….and when I refer to people I mean people in control of things that have a direct impact on my life. One little fu by them and I have a mess….or when it comes to medical, I could die! I don’t like to leave ME in someone else’s hands!

    Seriously….how could they not know about the savings account?

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