Just a Saturday pretending to be a Sunday

I’m totally just stalling. I have a busy day today and I know step 1 is hopping on my bike and once that starts I’ll be running until about 5. I have Fit Club at 9:30, then home to shower, then my son and I are driving my husband to the Detroit Airport, then I’m going to see if I can find my way from DTW to Trader Joes in Ann Arbor. Sean has never been there so we’ll be doing some Sean shopping. I suspect any tracking software on Trader Joes cash registers will be confused by the sudden influx of non-vegetarian food.

Okay, really, that’s all I have to do, but honestly that’ll take me right up until about 5 before I get home! My ears are ringing really badly again today. I knew it was coming, my balance was quite off yesterday. When I was talking to my neighbor Pat we were walking towards my yard and I literally ran right into her. I just keep telling myself at least I don’t have the constant vertigo that some people have. I was very lucky that a low dose of the meds really knocked out the worst of it.

Yesterday I picked up a pair of pants at Costco, not my normal place for clothing shopping, but they were thin corduroy which I like and they were Calvin Klein which I was wearing at the time. I picked up a size 8 and they fit almost perfectly. They are a little LOOSE but incredibly comfortable. 🙂 I started wearing a size 8 when I was 16. I went right from girls sizes to a size 8 and no matter how thin I was I never dropped below that. I whooped out loud.

Pretty damn excited about this muscle I’m gaining and the reshaping it’s doing. I am one pound away from a total loss of 40 pounds in the last three years. 40 pounds with no dieting. Just exercise and keeping an eye on what I was eating and making healthier choices.  I know, three years seems like a long time but I had some unexpected circumstance that took a big chunk of my time.

Okay, really. No more stalling, off I go.






3 thoughts on “Just a Saturday pretending to be a Sunday

  1. You are farther along than I am. I am still in bed @ 9:21.

    Well, congratulations! What a fabulous achievement! You have a lot to be proud of.

    The ringing must be so frustrating. I am glad the meds help.

    Sounds lik a very busy day. Good luck with all the driving. How nice that Sean will be along for the ride. I hope he enjoys picking out yummy food.

  2. I’m feeling very confident that around feb13 I will be able to get some control with exercise. I’m so inspired with the evidence of how it can work!

    1. It’s so much easier when you have control of your own time.
      For me, this last step of adding muscle was just impossible. I do not have the will power to push myself hard enough to get over that point where you say I can’t do anymore and then keep going. My little group workout was exactly what I needed. These people are funny and supportive and everyone gives it their all. Hard not to do the same.
      I miss you Nina, you’re so wonderful to be around.

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