just a sunday check in.

Yesterday was a good day. I was out of bed and upright all day and even wore real clothes. This is a pretty big feat for the week of chemo. Today I am not going to take any steroids so hopefully I will still be up and moving.

I did ten minutes of muscle building movement yesterday, in five minute increments. Using resistance bands, sitting down. Safe and something. No reason it can’t be my daily minimum goal. Just ten minutes lets your mind and body remember what you want. For me that’s strength. I miss my muscles something awful!


I find myself using tumbler more and more often. It is a small space that I can do a four sentance blog in. Not the big empty space of here and not the restriction of twitter. I was following a lovely young woman in hospice but she died over new years. Very sad.

Next week is a big week for me but I will talk about the details after It’s all said and done.

Typing this blog on my tablet again. Trying to get better at typing with my thumbs. It certainly hurts a lot less! The problem is in have to rely on spell check quite a bit more because the screen is so darn small and sometimes auto complete makes bad decisions for me. For instance way up there it told me that i was not taking any asteroids today.

So forgive any strange words, I will get better.






3 thoughts on “just a sunday check in.

  1. I am pretty stoked about you being up and around. And the exercise – wow – damn, you are an amazing woman! Is it weird to tell another adult that you are proud of them, well, this is meant in the sincerest, most loving way – I am proud of you! You go girl!

    I am sorry that woman passed away. That is very sad.

    How is your mouth?

    1. Ten minutes were significantly more difficult today. Dang those steroids, or lack of them, sure makes a difference!
      Today my mouth decided to break out in blisters on the inside. GROSS! Doesn’t hurt too bad though. In a few days I’ll have forgotten all about it until next go round. 🙂

  2. Auto correct is awesome. My sister and I have fits of laughter over some of her long winded auto corrected text messages. Sometimes hilarious.

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