Just chit chat

On Friday I completed my final exam and passed (barely) so now I am officially a certified Holistic Nutritionist. I ordered some used books about nutrition and cancer so I can begin real specializing of my thinking.

i spent some time thinking what I need to make me feel like the money and the effort were worth it and I think honestly if I can help just one person be healthier and maybe either recover or protect themselves from cancer it will be 100% worth it.

I have already started contacting one group that offers services to cancer patients  and in the next week or two I will contact a few others.

My neighbor texted me yesterday to ask if Dusty ate steak. Oh my goodness didn’t I have a happy dog!

Haven’t ¬†really been working out the last month. Too hot, too many aches and pains. Hopefully I will get back in the habit this month. Started running again to open my lungs back up. Started working immediately. Sigh..

Maybe in all my research I will find a clue to why I have high blood pressure. I have had it for all of my adult life and been on meds since my 30’s. I did just drop my dose down, but diet and exercise will only do so much for me. Okay, there is genetics but, still has to be an underlying cause.

Enough rambling.








2 thoughts on “Just chit chat

  1. You are so awesome!!
    BP is a weird thing. My brother, the most active hard working, in shape of all of us, has had it forever. It’s finally under control with meds,but it wasn’t for years, until he got a good doc, who said surely he had to have an enlarged heart from it. But he didn’t. His heart is perfect, He drinks a lot. Probably the secret. haha