Just Chronicling yesterday for my future records

On Tuesday night I got a call from the Radiology department at the hospital asking me if they could move my CT scan to a different day or if the time was set up to coincide with a Dr’s appointment. I said we could move it, but I also said I had an oncologist appointment on the afternoon I was getting the CT, but it was not the same Doctor who ordered the CT. Long phone conversation short I ended up just going in a little early to get the blood work taken care of so they should try and get the CT done before they were out on lunch.

So yesterday I got to the hospital extra early so that they hopefully could get me in extra early so I wouldn’t inconvenience them, in retrospect, this amuses me. Checked in, got my blood work done. All good. Someone takes me down to CT, I fill out more paperwork. Then I have to wait because they have to process my paperwork to make sure my kidney is still functioning well enough to handle the dye. After about 30 minutes one of the techs comes out and is having a conversation with the person at the desk about a mix up with a patient. Something not ordered, computer record is weird. They discover that when they are typing in the code or name or something for this patient someone else’s record is coming up. They work on it, and they desk person said she will get it fixed, and the tech agrees and calls my name. So, yeah,,, it was me.

Got the IV hooked up – learned a new word, extravasation – and had the CT done. All good. Tech asked me to wait in the waiting space for her to burn me a copy and after a few minutes she comes out and says she can’t because of the computer problem they were having with my record and can I please go down the halls and over the river and through the woods to a different department to pick it up. No problem.

Get home, pop it in the computer and pretty quickly realize, this is not me. Whatever. I can now tell you that the woman I was looking at did not have any tumors but she was dealing with some emphysema.

Go to my Doctors appointment – tell him I had the CT scan – he’s all excited and says, cool, I’ll go pull it up – 30 minutes later he comes back and says the hospital can’t find it. He was really aggravated. 🙂 I have chemo today at his office so he asked me to tell the nurse to get him so he can send someone looking again while I am hanging out so we can both get the results. Geesh!

On the good side – I will get to see an old friend tonight! YAY!


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