Just Gloating

I have spent time this week TCoB (taking care of business) that I have been putting off. Made so many phone calls!

  • Worked on renewing my nutritionist certification, which has so far been much easier than expected but waiting for a shoe to drop **.
  • Worked on chasing down my medical marijuana card which may or may not have gotten lost in the process
  • Made multiple doctors appointments including one that I have been putting off for a very long time
  • filled out insurance paperwork 

Okay, it doesn’t seem so much but it’s all things I dislike doing and you know I am spoiled!

Things still to do

  • I’m going to have to start training myself to wear my hearing aid again. I am just missing too much. The stopping of my prescription neuropathy medicine hasn’t caused the return of the vestibular symptoms. I want to avoid adding old meds for as long as possible.I have some cleaning tasks to take care of this weekend
  • I really must start running again. I stopped when I was sick and my scar tissue is definitely winning the turf war in my lungs
  • one more Drs appointment to make
  • make sweet & sour cabbage and can the leftovers to see how it works ( I hope I don’t poison myself)

It it is cold and rainy. I guess that makes staying inside easier at least.

**A side effect of that plus working with a larger than normal amount of clients is that I found myself being very judgey at the grocery store checkout lane.  


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