Just Having a Temper Tantrum

This is not the first time I have blogged about this but in light of the last couple of months of news I think I have to do it again.

We must stop the sexualization of women. We must stop our daughters from dressing like the media says is beautiful. We must stop allowing advertisers to use womens bodies as tools for selling and marketing. It is not about prudishness or about me wanting to tell people how they are allowed to dress. It is about a culture that tells young girls that their worth is determined by how much cleavage they have, or that they are only beautiful if they can wear clothing that is shown in a Victoria’s Secret catalog. (Don’t even get me started on VS. What are we teaching little boys with that shit?)
Once we stop making their looks the most important things we can start tackling the rest of the thinking that says women are to be objectified.

My instagram feed is constantly populated by womens asses. It is all advertising, and it is directed at me. As if the most important thing to me is that when I buy those leggings my ASS will suddenly be so AMAZING that my world will open up and I will be fucking AWESOME! STOP IT. Stop buying from these people, stop allowing these ads to show young women, and men, that this is what is important.
OH! And NOT EVERYONE WHO GOES TO THE GYM IS TRYING TO GET A BETTER ASS! Stop talking about building a better booty! Talk about building MUSCLE and strength!

Do we want men to stop sexually harassing women? Let’s teach them that women are NOT OBJECTS. I cannot believe we are still having this conversation that started 100 years ago. Men are not so weak that they cannot control their sexual urges, yet as soon as they (of course, not all) are in a position of power it is what happens. Their base urges are what becomes important suddenly. It isn’t that their urges are so powerful and unable to be resisted, it’s because they were taught that if you are at the top the perk is skin and sex. Power means sex. Therefore if you can force someone to have sex that means you have power over them, therefore you have power with a capital P.

We need to change not just the culture of the workplace but the culture of the home. Stop letting your sons ogle women in any way. Period. If they want to have fantasy women in their heads, that’s great, but you do not need to reinforce that the only beauty is skinny, and low cut. Stop making it seem like that is the prize they might some day be able to get. Stop joking with four year olds about who their girlfriend is. Stop asking little girls if they kissed a boy. GROSS! Let them be children without gender until they figure it out for themselves.

And you people in other countries who think this is an American thing, grow up. I have seen what happens in other cultures. You may not be quite so open about it, but you keep your women in check in the exact same ways.

All Done now – HAVE A GOOD DAY!


4 thoughts on “Just Having a Temper Tantrum

  1. All of these revelations are shocking to me; it seems that the instances in the past that appeared to be aberrations were instead just the tip of the iceberg of a secret normal.

    And I like your point about children.

    1. Thank you.
      I vaguely remember an episode of some sci-fi show about a society where women were in charge and men were considered to irrational and unable to make logical decisions. This is probably how it started!

  2. I saw some guy who thought that all of these women coming forward was a “psy-ops” from North Korea. Unbelievable!

    When I see the clothes marketed to girls, it sickens me.

    1. That guy was just an idiot wasn’t he?
      I agree about the clothes. It is really hard for me not to say something when I see pictures of 12 year olds wearing ridiculous things

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