Just Like the Old Days

Well, I have rebuilt again. Not the same as it was. For some reason some things are just not working. My header images are weird, and my menus won’t populate to the top. I have spent about 7 hours putting it back up, right now the important site was the Holistic Nutrition site because I had just listed it on a business directory and then this morning the gym owner promoted the nutrition counseling. I was all a flutter and so ate my breakfast at the computer and just stayed there.


I am off to a Dr in about 20 minutes. Then home to do some more computer work for Cancer Connection since I can’t seem to get into the office. I put in a couple of hours on Monday from home too. 

Tomorrow I have an 11:30 luncheon with a networking group and then Dusty is off to the vet to start more bloodwork and x-rays at the request of the drug company.

Next week I have CT Scan and Doctors upon Doctors upon Doctors.

This being sick thing is hard work!

 I noticed Dusty had something weird on her face. I white ball growing on her lip. I tried to take a picture, well ten, and this is how it turned out.