Just saying

NOT looking for sympathy…just amused and quizzical about the way the human body works.

i have a tiny little cold and all hell has broken out in my body. All of my chemo side effects have amped up. My feet are burning, my tongue 👅 is a mass of sores, my arms feel like an army of ants is crawling across. Because I have a cold.

Is is because my brain is busy dealing with the cold so it’s falling down in its job to block the rest of this stuff?



4 thoughts on “Just saying

  1. You might not be looking for it, but you’ve got my sympathy. Colds are miserable enough on their own, even tiny ones. Pair it with all those other reactions and I would be agonizing. My body always wants to heap on the misery; ever since I injured my leg, I’ve had a tooth that has been a misery, insisting that it wants a root canal, STAT, or I’m going to suffer. And I have reached my insurance limit with numerous fillings and two root canals already this year, so I am fighting to eke it out until January. But it has pain on its side! 😳 Hope it gets tired of torturing you. Feel better!

    1. A tooth that needs a root canal trumps almost everything else. Terrible pain. I hope it doesn’t bother you too much before you can get it fixed. I have a tooth that was root canalled a few years ago that I broke the tooth and cap off below the gum line last year. I need to have it pulled. I keep telling myself to just get it done before I am suddenly in pain but..ugh

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