Just Sunday

It’s hard for me to talk about the scary stuff. Once I talk about it the first time, come out as it were, I am fine and can ramble on (and on, and on) but that first sentence is hard to get out. I have a couple of scary symptoms right now that are making me very tense. As always they could also be attributed to something completely innocuous. My insurance company is denying the necessity for a PET scan, as they do, so I am waiting to hear from my doctor. All in all, I am just feeling very cancery these days. It makes me sad. I have so many other things to do with my time and energy besides feel bad.

I bought Hayley workout presents. I am very excited to give them to her tomorrow! I know exactly how weird I am.

Hey there is a bug flying by my patio door! Apparently no one told him it’s December. Oh – speaking of. Last night I was curled up on the couch reading my book (The Girl on the Train – which I read in 16 hours) and I shifted and grabbed a pillow to lean on and hold up my kindle and then a big old daddy long legs went walking by my fingers. Oh, what a screech it was.

I need to start planning Christmas dinner.




1 thought on “Just Sunday

  1. I would suppose saying it out loud makes it feel real and we certainly don’t want it to be real. I am sorry you are feeling cancery. That really sucks. Don’t you wish you could turn certain things off until you need to deal with them. Stupid insurance company.

    I am really excited that you bought Hayley workout presents. I think you being a positive work out role model is such a life changing and life enhancing gift to give her. And yay for her for being willing to accept that gift. You are making her life better in the long term.

    That daddy long leg must have called quite a fright.

    I think Christmas dinner planning is an ideal way to occupy your mind.

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