Just taking a break

Nothing to say really but I need a break from Excel. I love my spreadsheets but your eyes do start going buggy.

I’m thinking about trying Dr. McDougalls 12 Days to Dynamic health plan in March. It’s basically Vegan with some extra restrictions. No refined anything, no caffeine, no coconuts and absolutely no oils of any kind. It would be a very tough diet but I think if you know it’s only 12 days you can probably do it. I need to find a way to get to that next level of health. I seem to be stuck in this inflammatory, no immunity cycle that I can’t break. I’m hoping that just taking the plunge will give my body a boost and finish healing my poor little radiated intestines and my lymph system.  Well, I ordered a copy of his book so we’ll see. I love used books online. 🙂

I made a Doctors appointment (well, actually I guess my husband made the appointment) for tomorrow morning. My lungs have been congested and tight for weeks and I randomly have coughing fits. I haven’t gotten a cold or bronchitis this year so maybe this is my own version. Since I don’t have any other symptoms I’m going to just have her give a listen make sure nothing sounds scary.

I have a Pandora bracelet that I bought last year on my year remission anniversary when I finally got brave enough to take off my yellow livestrong band and so this year I ordered a new bead for it to commemorate the end of my 2nd year in remission. I couldn’t find anything that I liked as a fitting memento of last year but I did find this cute little pixie that was silver and gold, which is what I wanted so I bought it.


I also bought the small purple bead because it was on sale and I like purple and two of the green glass shamrock beads (one for my sister) because it matches my tattoo and my other shamrock bead.

What never crossed my mind is that those pointy little wings on the pixie will hurt whenever I put my arm down. For instance when I’m at work typing!  She also has pointy little feet! I think she might be like a Twilight Zone type of Pixie Charm.

Okay, that’s all my Thursday stories. Not very exciting this week. Back to work!


6 thoughts on “Just taking a break

  1. I think those bracelets are cute but maybe the pixie should be on a necklace instead.

    Hey, I was reading about balance disorders on the NIH page. They mentioned Menieres (I know I spelled that wrong). They mentioned that cutting down on salt, caffeine and alcohol might help. Have you ever heard that?

    I think that it is good to get things checked out.

    1. I’m thinking maybe the pixie is teaching me to keep my wrists up, like you’re supposed to do when you play piano. 🙂

      I have heard of that about Meniere’s. I try pretty hard to keep my salt and caffeine intake low. Alcohol I don’t even worry about since I have so little of it these days. Luckily they took back my Meniere’s diagnosis for this year and have switched it to Vestibular Migraines. All the same symptoms, but based simply on the fact that one of the medicines helped me means they rule out Meniere’s. After a year or so they reevaluate and may give me back Meniere’s. Apparently it’s not an exact science.

  2. Ack – I should have remembered that. I know you mentioned it. Honestly, I think they, the doctors, want us to think the know more than they do when I think a lot of things are like your disease diagnosis. Just ruling out things until they find the right one.

    1. No I haven’t. Dr M. Talks a lot about alkaline. I just feel like I must be missing some step because I’m just stagnant and not getting healthier. Though I have managed to not get any of the colds people have been passing around so I think my immune system must be getting stronger finally.

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