Just Vanity

Shakespeare never wrote the line “Vanity, thy name is woman.” Hamlet’s line reads, “Frailty, thy name is woman,” in relation to his mother’s hasty marriage to Claudius after the King’s death.


I am feeling aggravated with my own spoiledness. I want everything my way, all the time.

I am still losing weight since dropping dairy, just a couple of pounds from my target weight that makes me not feel like I need to lose five pounds. I think every person probably has that golden number, the one that no matter what else we say is the number we see and say, cool. I’m done.

The problem is, I am losing muscle because I have stopped working out regularly. I am back to running every morning, but that only maintains certain muscles. My arms are all jiggly and my midsection is all poofy. I love my gym, I really love the people there and would happily spend time with them. When I am working out I spend most of my energy on just breathing. My lungs hurt even when I am not doing cardio. Just curling five pounds is cardio for me. One of the nicest things about my gym is that I can actually adjust any of the workouts they are doing at any time, to suit what I want and what I can actually do. No one will mind, and everyone will understand. It’s all me. I need to just do it and stop being spoiled.

Maybe this post won’t make sense to everyone because I cut out a paragraph. πŸ™‚

Anyway, today will be a walk in the park to work on dog training so that will encompass an arm workout, a leg workout, and a midsection workout, cause a 60 pound dog that is under minimal control around other dogs and an almost 115 pound woman (yes, that’s my “golden”number) on the other end of the leash means a big workout. Then an hour bagging up chili to freeze for lovely dinners. I trying really hard to keep my freezer stocked with foods I actually like! Stew next week I think.

Just a photo from years gone past. This was an Amsterdam Museum and explains why you should vacation in the off season if you want to actually see the pictures up close. Though, no too close or security gets downright uppity!



4 thoughts on “Just Vanity

  1. So have you ever spoken to your lung doctor about being so out of breath? It just seems like a conversation you should have even if you feel like you know it is happening.

    I just started doing push ups today. You recently inspired me by a meme you posted and something happened that made me realize how weak my arms have become. It frightened me.

    How tall are you?

    1. I am 5″2′ wait….5’2″ ? I can never remember which way it goes.
      I don’t actually see my lung doctor anymore, Last h said was keep doing cardio, keep using all The inhalers, all the time. Which I don’t. πŸ™ and keep trying.
      I can do exactly three un-good push-ups. I have no chest muscle, and a bad thoracic area on one side, but I keep trying. I have been trying for like ten years now!
      I am glad you are trying. πŸ™‚

  2. Awesome, Tracy…..so giving up dairy has helped with weight loss too…interesting. I don’t eat dairy often except cheese.

    1. Dairy and a conscious effort to give up processed foods. Well, most of my processed foods had dairy. I am eating like 500 calories more a day but still slowly losing. Very slowly.

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