just writing out a dream to see if it makes sense

Last night I dreamed that Erin and I were walking out of a building downtown with other people at night. We turned the corner into a parking lot just as a woman was getting out of an old fashioned blue van which had just hit my car.

The van was sitting on the right side of my car in the parking lot at an angle and it had pushed the side of my car.

The woman started talking and that’s when I realized I had dropped my phone somewhere so I asked Erin to take pictures of the woman’s info and the damage while both cars were sitting there and I went back in to get my phone.

Found my phone and walked back out. The woman was gone and my car was a mess. Tried to move my car and discovered that she had damaged my breaks. Car was not drivable.

Couldn’t find anyone to come get us. Allie was there but she was going someplace. Corey was sleeping and when I called he answered but wouldn’t wake up enough to help us. I asked him to get Sean and he wouldn’t.




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