Karmanos Cancer Center & The rest of the Week

I have so much to do this week! I have some phone calls to make to follow up on yesterdays appointment.  Today is my first visit to a potential new home. It’s townhouse community and it is exactly what I wanted in square footage, and in my budget so we’ll see. Then hopefully lunch with a couple of ladies. Then I really MUST clean my bathroom and kitchen.

Tomorrow I have a dumpster being delivered early morning, then I will go pick up my niece and another hired laborer will show up 10-11 ish. They will work on emptying my attic into said dumpster while I watch and hopefully grab and sell anything that’s worth more than $10.00. I will be doing NO physical labor because I have a PET scan scheduled for early Friday morning. Which means no strenuous activity  – my poor ego when it sees my fitbit – and no Sugar,no artificial sweetener, no Dairy, no Carbs or Caffeine! What will a vegetarian who doesn’t eat raw veggies eat!! Eggs, and nuts and water. Woo.

My meeting at Karmanos was just what I needed to hear. My sister and I drove up there together, not a bad drive till you got to their place. Getting in is HORRIBLE. There is no parking, and there is a parking garage which is apparently always full, you have to use valet, which is fine, but there isn’t enough room because of construction so it is a mess!

But more importantly I loved the doctor. She was so smart, and such a teaching kind of doctor and she really put some thought into my info before she came into the room. She was not convinced that all of the information so far was accurate. She said that the PET scan on Friday morning will clarify things. It will tell us if the large tumor is actually still cancer or if it is just a gas filled piece of scar tissue. The measurements and location listed does not show consistency on the reports from previous CT Scans so she’s not even positive it’s grown. She thinks there is a small chance that it may just be all stupid readings my different radiologists. She has requested that I get copies of the last four CT Scans I’ve had so she can have her radiologist read them. YAY!!! This is exactly what I needed. Someone new to look at everything and draw their own conclusions. I just went and looked and she has five out of five stars on every single category on HealthGrades. I have never seen that before.

If the PET scan shows that the large tumor is cancer, then it’s into another clinical trial.

If the PET scan shows that the large tumor isn’t a tumor anymore then she suggested our best course of action is to get the drugs I was on in the clinical trial, which are FDA approved drugs, approved as covered by my insurance company to be used for me since we can prove they work. Hopefully they’re also cheaper than my other chemo options and they would be be all Heck Yes!

After the PET scan on Friday it’s back home to finish filling up the dumpster and eat all the food and drink all the coffee!



6 thoughts on “Karmanos Cancer Center & The rest of the Week

  1. Oh boy! I didn’t see this earlier. What a lot of interesting news. Yay for good doctors. I am glad that she is having all your scans reviewed. Makes so much sense.

    Good luck with staying low key and with the odd diet tomorrow.

    I envy you and the possibility that you might live in a townhouse. I would love a set up like that. I will keep my fingers crossed that you can find the right place.

  2. That’s a strict diet! I wonder how many people don’t stick to it and therefore get inacurate results. Good luck with the PET!

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