Kombucha Tea – it’s not just for Hipsters!

Kombucha tea is a black or green tea that is fermented. It’s gained a lot of popularity recently among the health conscious and has a probably undeserved reputation as a “hipster” drink.

Fermented tea and other fermented foods are a great way to boost your immune system! They are filled with probiotics which can help your guts do their job in cleaning out your body from toxins.

gut flora improves immune function, increase absorption of water, control metabolic function, and fight pathogenic bacteria that could cause harm to us.4 Unfortunately, poor diet, broad-spectrum antibiotic use, and inflammation can cause our gut flora to get out of balance or to be wiped out completely.“*

You know what else can make your gut flora go out of balance? Radiation and Chemotherapy. If you don’t like Kombucha (like me)  there are lots of other tasty options for adding fermented foods into your diet. You can do an internet search for fermented foods, a few examples would be, yogurt (dairy & non-dairy), Kefir, Miso Soup, Sourdough Bread, sauerkraut, Salsa & Mustard!

Pickle Jar Fighting Back
Eat your (Fermented) Veggies!


Try adding at least one fermented food into your meals every day to make sure you are feeding all those gut flora that need to do their job fighting off those wicked cancer cells.





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