Late night of partying!

Not really, but that’s what it feels like.  I don’t know why but I slept badly. I woke up every thirty minutes for most of the night and it feels like I am filled with drugs now. So strange. I had a small amount of milk chocolate right before I went to bed and I honestly think that is the problem. I don’t normally eat anything with sugar at night and these days I am especially sensitive o caffeine.

puppy has been vomiting bile the last two mornings. This also happened one morning a few weeks ago.  My spidey sense said it had something to do with an empty stomach for too long and the internet confirms my suspicion. It’s a common problem in dogs, though usually older dogs,  We’ll try feeding her more snacks in the evening and add an additional meal to her diet. If it continues off to the vet with her.

She slept on the bed the other night which I did not like, the bed is not big enough for four of us. Last night I wouldn’t let her and you would swear she was a dramatic actor playing Shakespeare. Howling, barking, yelling at me. I think sh is in the dog equivalent of teenage years.

Hmmm, all rain, all day. I think it’s a good day for doggie daycare. My husband is home this week and all we’ve done is sit around the house. I had a doctors appointment and a dentist appointment. Funny how a 90 minute appointment each day can interfere with everything else.

I wore my “burpees are the devil” tank top to the gym yesterday and it feels like it was a mistake. So many sore muscles in weird places.





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