Let the Sun Shine

I am watching Good Morning America and there is a story about a woman who quit working to take care of her sister with cancer. She was talking about one of the changes being sitting still. Sitting in a doctors office for 90 minutes – isn’t it sad that this is normal – and learning how to just BE in that moment. This sent me off on a tangent.

I think that this is a quality that I learned a very very long time ago. I live in the moment. Not in the past, not in the future. Right now. There are so many things that could have been. If you spend your days thinking about how you want to change things that you cannot change you will never be able to enjoy right now. What a waste. I don’t know how you can change the way you think though. How does someone who is filled with regrets about what is learn to embrace the good parts?

I don’t know. Maybe everyone needs to have their expiration date stamped on them.



2 thoughts on “Let the Sun Shine

  1. I read that story yesterday. It seemed like people were astounded that someone with such a high power career could walk away from it. I think that is why you work for a career like that because if you need time and have the money you could walk away. How wonderful that she could be with her sister like that.

    I am not very self aware on what I do with the moment. I think I look back at the past just enough to enjoy it. I think I worry about the future a bit. I guess I sometime don’t feel as if I am in the moment enough. I will have to think about it.

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