Let’s talk about my ass.

Once a month I get a shot in my rear. It’s one of those sit under the skin for a few days shots. For some reason the one I got on Friday didn’t hurt as much as usual going in but now it hurts! It especially hurts when I sit on the floor or when I run. I mean its hard to make that excuse when you’re at the gym. Sorry, I can’t run it hurts my butt.

Tomorrow is ct scan results at the oncologist. It never gets any easier. I think as time goes on it gets more difficult. I know the chemo will eventually be outsmarted by my mutationally intelligent cancer. This  time? Next time? Next year?

At the gym tonight some woman told me they should make a special class for people like her! You know over 50. It made me smile.

Sleep well my friends.




4 thoughts on “Let’s talk about my ass.

  1. Ouch! When I was preggo with Dave I had to get hormone shots in my thighs and I remember if I tensed my thigh muscle it would hurt like crazy going in but less later or if I was really relaxed when it went in, it hurt like crazy later. Or vice versa. Maybe it is something like that with your butt shot.

    I can’t even imagine the amount of stress associated with being tested to determine where you stand. Keeping my fingers crossed for the best results.

    1. Thank you, always hoping for status quo.
      I try really hard to keep my muscles relaxed. They even taught me how to stand differently. 🙂

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