Let’s Talk about You & Me

So much to do today!

  1. Get out of bed
  2. Get on the treadmill
  3. Finish packing
  4. Shower
  5. CT Scan
  6. Pick up Katy
  7. Go to Chicago

Okay, that’s really all there is but it’s squished into just a few hours. I am not as nervous about the CT Scan as I was. Whatever will be, will be. I think the reason I am nervous is, well because I am always a little nervous. Sometimes I get bad news! But, it’s those stupid antibiotics. They make me sick. They cause tons of internal problems so then it gets all mixed up in my psyche and I have to worry that maybe it’s not the antibiotics but maybe there is a little spot of cancer on my liver, or pancreas screwing around with me@ I just keep reminding myself, I have done all I can do.

Speaking of which, I bought an alkalizing water pitcher. I just keep seeing so much info about it, saying how much good it can do. It’s such a simple change. We already get giant bottles of water delivered after the whole algae bloom debacle so now we just need to get used to grab the alkaline water and filling a couple of bottles a day. There is a lot of water going in my body every day so I do think it’s important that I make sure mine is safe and healthy.

I also bought a tiny coffee maker. Sean and I are drinking so much coffee it just made good financial and ecological sense to not use the keurig on a daily basis.

I wish I had time to go get my hair trimmed. It’s driving me crazy. Sticking up all over the place.


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