Life is not Fair

Is it?

Why me? Why not me? Why them? Why not.

I was thinking about Stephanie, my ex neighbor who had the heart transplant last week. She has survived so much in her young life. She also learned how to go out and get what she wants. Think those two things have something to do with each other? I do. I hope she has a wonderful support system. I have known her since she was, I think, about 11 years old.  There is a direct correlation in her lifes timeline to triumph and changes.  Every time she overcame something she got a little stronger. She decided what she wanted and then started learning how to get it, regardless of what people said, and sometimes in spite of it. I think what I am trying to say is she crossed that line. She learned priorities. Just do things now.

Haha – you can tell I am back on the antibiotics after a couple of days break because of a pharmacy snaffu. It drags my system down and makes me introspective. Today may have to be a rest day. I was pretty active this weekend after three weeks on the couch. I did the worlds smallest, easiest workout on Saturday – and I am SO SORE! My husband and I went in and out of stores all weekend and on Saturday I ate, and ate and ate. I would prefer not to gain back all the weight I lost, I just want to gain muscle, this is not the way to do it. But, since I am back on the drugs I am trying not to worry about it, and just eat when I can. I bought two more plants. A chamomile for tea and the canary – she loves chamomile flowers, and a strawberry. It’s a very cool strawberry plant. I am sure you will be seeing pictures shortly. So this summer I can stock up on tomatoes, mint, catnip, chamomile and strawberries. I can’t imagine I would ever do a garden, but I do like having a few pots of fresh things when I can.

I am going to go on a little roadtip in June hopefully. My daughter and I will drive up for lunch with my friend in Chicago and hopefully her brother. I, apparently, need a babysitter and am not ALLOWED to drive by myself for more than thirty minutes and I love little trips with my Kates and we didn’t do what turned into our annual birthday roadtrip the last year. Kates may or may not have lunch with us, she might just enjoy hanging out at the hotel. Who knows. Not firm plans, everything has to be flexible these days.


Edit: my computer finally updated but now the battery is dead so I guess I have to get up and find a plug. This is my bedside table. Things are getting out of hand.





3 thoughts on “Life is not Fair

  1. I hope Stephanie is doing well. What a lot to go through. When I used to say life is not fair to my dad when I was growing up, he would reply, no one promised it would be. I hated that but it was true and I needed to hear that.

    I know you are sore and tired but wow, you are pretty amazing. To be out of sorts for so long and get up and do that much – wow. You rock!

    I love chamomile. I wonder if I could find some. That will be nice for you to have.

    I am glad that Katy will drive with you. If there is any place or thing that she would like to go or do and we can help with that, please let me know.

    We are all pretty excited. I hope we can work out the dates.

    Have a great day!

    1. Chamomile grows like a the Midwest. At our house it grew every where there was stone so in summer I would go out I the driveway and dig it up for the canary! It grows very easily from seed as well if you run across any. I like the smell of it.

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