Like Sands through the hourglass

I feel terrible.  I am so twisted up inside. Physically not emotionally. I am taking handfuls of pills to get to the point where I can leave my house, as long as I don’t eat. Not enough pills on the planet for that. And I am getting a cold.

I have had so many things I want to be a part of, and really enjoy. I have mostly succeeded but, it has been difficult, and I am so drugged up that everything is a little foggy. I am so tired of being the sick one.

I have a full CT scan on Wednesday so we will see if there is anything unusual going on or if this is just too much chemo and too many months on multiple antibiotics. Of course that means Redi-cat for breakfast tomorrow which also makes me sick. I have puppy kindergarten at 7:15 pm tomorrow and then nothing till Friday at 4. I can do this. I have a book I want to read, and a picture I want to sketch.

Oh, and I got a new puppy.



5 thoughts on “Like Sands through the hourglass

    1. Next Wednesday. I have a copy and to me it looks bad. I am thinking that might be a lot of inflammation from my cold though. I don’t get worried when I read the ct because I see shadows as lefe threatening. 🙂

  1. I am sorry that your guts are so bad and now a cold. I hope you can get some good rest and feel much better very soon.

    1. Thanks. It certainly doesn’t help that my sandostatin shot wore off . I just found out today that there is a higher dosage available so I sent a message oo the doctor to ask about upping it. I don’t want to be trapped in my house for another year while I am on these antibiotics.

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