Look at Me!


i did not expect to get sick from a simple Bronchoscopy! The procedure was fine. Actually this was the least aggravating and easiest procedure I have had done there.

The only annoying thing (I remember) is they squirted  a bunch of thick grossness into my nostril and then I had to keep sniffing to pull it all the way through. Yuck. It was disgusting.

After my doctor apparently came out and talked to corey instead of waiting for me. Maybe he got bored with me after not finding anything too exciting? Before the procedure he did grab  a bunch of residents to go over a years worth of my ct scans so he must have been hoping to see something teachable. I guess I will wait for the report to be released and meet with my oncologist on Tuesday.

The problem with the pictures is not knowing what it’s supposed to look like. Somewhere I have pictures from 2 years ago, it would probably work to compare. Corey said dr didn’t see stenosis just scar tissue. I don’t know!

Was only in recovery for an hour and stopped at Panera for soup and salad on the way home. Ate my little salad and then Corey and I went out for ice cream. Got home and  Kaboom! Sudden fever, lasted about 5 hours and took me down. Apparently this is not unusual.

Not how I had planned on spending my evening. Feel fine today except for a sore throat, which makes sense.

Having our own version of a Veg Fest at our place tonight. My sister and I went together on a pack of vegan meat and cheese from some high rated company. She is bringing it over tonight and my friend Sarah is coming over with a salad. I will add breads and crackers and my neighbor brought me some blueberries as a thank you for collecting her mail and keeping her condo company so I will make a nice sauce to go over some vegan cake and Bam we have a party.

Hoping that everyone will consent to a game …


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