Lovin’, touching, and squeezing……

I’m all poufy today so I am wearing extra heavy duty compression. It makes you look quite skinny when you wear abdominal and pelvic compression but it makes you feel really fat because everything is so tight. I usually only make it a half day before I take it off. I worked out a couple of times without wearing my compression socks and this is the consequence. Silly me.

Dreary View out of the office today???

I’ve been on a buying spree lately and it’s starting to freak me out! We bought plane tickets for our vacation in April, I bought an expensive heart –  rate monitor and then yesterday I ordered a new computer. For the computer I used all of our Discover cash-back bonus money so I only had to put out $13.00. My home laptop is a 5 year old netbook. It’s been a trooper (trouper? Is it a vaudevillian dancer or a soldier?)  but it’s almost unusable these days.

I have one more expense, a quick little three day trip with my daughter. She and I will head back up to Frankenmuth and do some shopping and eating and swimming and we will go to the movies to see the 2nd Hobbit movie. Just a good time to relax and hang out. I love my daughter so we will enjoy it. I hope the weather is nice. Last time we did this there was a cold snap and it was so cold! After I typed that I went and checked the forecast. Sigh…weather is supposed to drop down in the lower 20’s. How sad. Guess we’ll just stay inside and watch tv and eat cookies.

My heart rate monitor has been a revelation about the way I workout. My morning workouts have definitely slacked off. Now that I think about it I realize I’ve been doing the exact same thing for about a year with no increase in intensity so I guess it makes sense that my heart rate looked like I was napping. Time to step it up.

I’ve felt very sad and blah the last couple of weeks. Probably just the weather. Mostly I just want to sit.

I think this is the hotel we will stay at for the first part of our vacation:


or maybe this one:


I’m trying to find highly rated lower priced hotels for Paris that are close to the Metro line and in a neighborhood with plenty of cafe’s or stores. We won’t spend much time there unless it’s bad weather. Corey’s leaning towards Printemps as it’s cheaper.




4 thoughts on “Lovin’, touching, and squeezing……

  1. “I’ve felt very sad and blah the last couple of weeks. Probably just the weather. Mostly I just want to sit.”

    I hope it’s just the weather. I suffer from the same blahs.

  2. I am sorry that you’ve had the winter blues. I read that Monday Jan 6 is the saddest day of the year. More people report feeling down on that day than any other day of the year. I would say that this time of year is a blue time for me, too.

    Yay for a mother/daughter trip!

    One of our favorite things to watch is Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. There was an episode with Sarah Silverman and one of the topics reminded me of when you blogged about wanting to tell people what to do for their own good. It is about 20 minutes and has a commercial at the beginning. Here is the link http://comediansincarsgettingcoffee.com/sarah-silverman-i-m-going-to-change-your-life-forever If you don’t want to watch it – that is just fine – I just found it amusing on how universal it is to want to give advice.

    1. I have been wanting to see this show! I will watch the link at lunch. 🙂
      that’s interesting about January 6. I believe it.

      1. I hope you enjoy it. We love it. I always find it interesting to see what cars Jerry picks out for the various people – like a teeny tiny car for a big person, things like that. We also thought there was a vibe between Sarah and Jerry. I don’t remember this story being in the regular episode – short and interesting/good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WB9SbsVjMpk

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