How low can we go.

Well, hit my low weight today, 115. That is my feeling fit and trim and lots of muscle weight. It is not however my ideal got my ass kicked by chemo weight. For someone who spent so long trying to lose weight and get fit it is really a mixed thing. I am not healthy right now, I am weak. I know this logically but on the other hand…goal weight!

I gave in and ordered some nice healthy organic meal replacement powder for next round of chemo. Annoying. I hate meal replacements now. I want to eat real food and feel good. ย It is a greater good thing though.

My sad little mostly vegan self ate a bunch of dairy last night. Oooooo my innards were quite annoyed! I am going out to lunch with my daughter in a little bit and I will fill up on rice and tasty goodness at the Thai place. ย My stomach doesnโ€™t hurt nearly as much today and I do not feel as nauseated so I think we are at the tail end of side effects.

I just ran across someone on instagram who just started the same chemo drug. ๐Ÿ™‚


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