Luke 4:23

Well, you won’t often hear this heathen quote the Bible but in this instance….Physician Heal Thyself, or in this case nutritionist counsel thyself!

Earlier this year I was at a low point. I couldn’t really exercise because of physical issues and I just felt bad. I stopped tracking all my food, I stopped paying attention to things. As time went on that brought about the natural things you would expect. Loss of muscle, gain of fat, lower energy and tons of new and ugly bad habits. So it’s time to get back on track. I deemed August my own personal habit detox month. In a fun twist of timing my insurance companies health maintenance something…organization is now running a contest for August so I can win cash and prizes for doing this too. I am a little competitive.

So August Rules

  • Pay Attention
  • Track Food
  • Track Activity
  • Less Garbage food in the house
  • Eat more. ( I need more good food in me)
  • Drink less unhealthy stuff
  • Drink More good stuff

That’s it. Nothing Extreme. Just back to paying attention to my own health and wellbeing rather than relying on Drs and Medicine to fix things after the fact. I have a ridiculously long list of physical therapy activities that I am supposed to be doing so hopefully between that and cutting some of the inflammatory foods for a month I will also just feel better generally!

Here, Have a picture!

This is what happens when I take a shower now. They invade and take over.


2 thoughts on “Luke 4:23

  1. No, no, no, you are looking at it wrong! They have graciously granted you use of the space and now they only reclaimed their rightful places when you were obviously done with it.

    August – I need to get on the stick healthwise as well. You know, my daughter’s insurance company is giving people an Apple Watch – free – which they “pay” for by earning exercise credits. Isn’t that neat?

    I have to provide my own incentive! Let’s do this thing!

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