Lunch time!

My new computer came last night. Loaded with Windows 8. Uhg….I spent six hours downloading updates for Windows 8 just so I can now spend six hours downloading 8.1.

I am a computer person. I love computers and technology and poking around in software until I find fun things to do. This is my 2nd attempt at Windows 8.

This is what it feels like;

ScreenHunter_127 Jan. 15 11.39

Now see if you can figure out where to look at Windows Update to see what it’s downloading. So unintuitive.

I hope 8.1 is better. Either way, gotta learn it eventually.

I went to my sadistic dermatologist this morning for try #2 at surgically removing my wart. It’s on the palm of my hand and I’ve been having it treated with blister beetle venom every month for about four years. The damn thing just won’t die. Last year I had it surgically removed and it grew right back. This time he tried to dig out as much surrounding tissue as he could then he cauterized every spot he could. It’s just as exciting as it sounds. The only thing that really is painful is the shots he does into the palm of hand to numb it. This time I work my heart rate monitor to see what happens inside me when he does it. It was pretty cool.As soon as he walked into the room my heart rate jumped, but then, because I adore him, it came back down. Every time he caused me unexpected pain it went up but then I did slow deep breathing (yogic breathing) and it came immediately back down. That yoga stuff really works! I used to use it all the time during radiation treatments when you had to be very still.

The numbness was all the way down to the tip of my pinky finger which was very funny. I kept catching my finger sticking straight up of it’s on volition. It’s still pretty numb. Every once in while I get a pretty good sting running through my hand but so far not too bad. This is what it looks like now;


When I went to get this picture off my SkyDrive I see I have a picture on there from last time he cut it out! This is what it will look like in about three days.


Not pretty.


4 thoughts on “Lunch time!

  1. OMGoodness! Poor you! That just looks horrible.

    I think the heart rate monitor sounds really cool. Do you have a link for the monitor?

    And the yoga breathing sounds really helpful.

    1. It really hurts far less than the freezing or burning of a wart. Probably because they cauterize it all over the place so nothing to hurt. Right now it’s just having random stingyness when I move it wrong.
      I have Polar Monitor – I ‘think” it’s like F60. I got it from Amazon. Apparently the only good ones are the kinds that you strap onto your chest which takes some getting used to!

  2. Still sounds like it hurts to me. I am kind freaked out by stuff like that.

    The monitor intrigues me. I need to do some reading.

  3. That is just disgusting!
    I don’t know why I’m not getting notification when you blog? I’ve signed up now for live something and to come to my email…

    It’s not that I don’t care 😉

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