I posted a poll on Facebook asking whether people thought I am a person who would meditate or not. The excitement to find out if I do or do not is palpable! 

Anyway, I do not. But I downloaded Dan Harris’s app, 10% Happier because I really like him and his snarky funny intelligence. I am really enjoying the app and enjoying five minutes of meditation a day. I would recommend it. I won’t pay for the subscription service, but I think the free one will work for me for quite a while.

When I started listening to it, the short lessons and then the actual meditation I realized that I am adept at this. I feel like I have already gone through all these lessons, but I haven’t. So then after spending some time thinking about it I realize it’s a strange conglomeration of years of listening to people talk about it, lots of yoga corpse pose, and lots of yoga breathing, and learning how to deal with stressful medical procedures and pain, and years of migraines! It is the migraine one that really caught me off guard.

When I am in terrible pain, ie. a migraine, I learned to breathe into the pain, to start exploring the pain rather than trying to shut it out and this is apparently what you do to learn how to meditate thought distractions, both in your surroundings and your body.

Yoga taught me to focus on my breath which is a very important and useful skill to have. I have been using it over and over and over again during uncomfortable medical times.

I am definitely a sum of all of my experiences.



6 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. And THAT explains my “soft no” response, lol. Not currently, maybe, but I felt that the idea would hold appeal and perhaps be approached in the future. I always found the concept interesting but I am not sure that road would work for me. Not to say that maybe, someday…

  2. I started meditation after reading his book. It’s an easy process once you realize there is no process there are no rules and whatever you do is right. Every night for me, I would do it in the morning but Gary is not conducive to peace and quiet.

  3. I stared at that poll for a few minutes because I was thinking, I don’t think she does officially do that. BUT I know she uses some of the techniques to go through things. You’ve mentioned them randomly, And if you use them to go through things, you probably use them naturally for a lot of things. I still voted no. But I totally see you as having a natural inclination for it. That’s cool that you found someone that works for you. I’m kind of the same, I can usually remove myself from the root canal, but it’s not like official meditation. And since I’m all anxiety ridden about tomorrow, I think I might look up your app today. Thank you!

    1. I hope you enjoy it Tami! I really like it. For me it’s all about controlling my breathing and everything else piles on after that. I think it officially started about 20 years ago when I discovered that I could get rid of hiccups by controlling my breathing. 🙂

  4. oh for Christ’s sake, don’t even click on that link. I never saw the “self curing cancer” crap until now. So he is a quack after all. Jerk.

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